To remain on top of competition in the food processing industry, Avico chose to invest in quality equipment and state-of-the-art processes. Therefore, we offer an excellent price-quality ratio. Our Ossid 500E wrapper is proof of our commitment.

    In fact, this shrink, overwrapping and stretch wrapper is one of the most cost-effective packagers in the industry, and the reason why is quite simple. Its operating process helps to save up to 41% of plastic film compared to similar standard wrappers.

    The unique vacuum and stretching system of this machine ensures leak-proof packaging and perfectly stretched wrapped finish. Thanks to an ultra-performance vapour tunnel, film wrapped on packages keeps its shape. These features ensure flawless end products.

    This type of wrapper operates at 60 cycles per minute and is used in more than 500 industries worldwide. We have two of this type of equipment at our facilities.